Lawn Care

Landscape Maintenance

With our Landscape Maintenance program we will keep your home looking its best. This service includes mowing, edging, trimming the lawn.

We also maintain the shrubs and shrub beds and clearing all debris off of the side walks and driveways – leaving you more time to enjoy your yard.


Lawn Care Program

In order to have a healthy, green lawn, we provided regularly applications of lawn fertilization, lawn insect control, and weed control to get your lawn looking its very best.


  • Use of liquid and granular fertilizers
  • Weed control for Broadleaf and Sedge weeds
  • Fire ant, flea, and tick control at no extra charge.
  • Lawn damaging insect control at no extra charge.
  • Removal of fertilizer debris from concrete surfaces after treatment.
  • State certified in Best Management Practices.
  • Follow up and service calls at no extra charge.

Shrub Care Program

Our Shrub Care Program is serviced 6 times a year. Your shrubs are inspected and treated for insects and diseases. Shrubs are also Fertilized during their growing seasons and when in bloom.


  • Apply insecticides to prevent and control insects.
  • Apply seasonal granular fertilizer to shrubs seasonally.
  • Treat for fungus on all shrubs.
  • Remove fertilizer debris from all concrete surfaces.
  • Follow up and service calls at no extra charge.
  • Add a footnote if this applies to your business

Mosquito Service

Our mosquito control program targets mosquitoes where they live and breed. We treat high-risk areas such as dense vegetation, under decks, and damp areas. We make recommendations for stagnant water areas and breeding sights.


Seasonal program for families and businesses who spend time outside, this program includes monthly mosquito treatment plan to reduce the mosquito population around your home and business.